Professional Membership Renewals Only 15% OFF NOW!

Professional Membership Renewals Only 15% OFF NOW!

Old price £50.00
VAT is included in this price. Delivery is additional.

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There is a 15% off all memberships in the HMSA at the moment. The discounted price is shown above, alongside the original 'old price'. Current members can also purchase membership whilst it is discounted - their membership of the HMSA will be extended 12 months from the date they are due to expire.Renewal of Annual Professional membership for the Hypermobility Syndromes Association, open to health and social care professionals

We are pleased to provide you with a great package of benefits as shown below.

  • Professional members will have access for advice from qualified medical, health and social care professionals who work for or with the HMSA. Primary contacts will be  Medical Advisor and Ms. Donna Wicks (CEO/RMN) 
  • A copy of the twice yearly HMSA Journal in April and October. (Professionals can contribute to the Journal by submitting articles, case studies and research opportunities.)
  • Additional HMSA email contact if new research or information is time sensitive.
  • Assistance with recruitment for research projects, access to non-identifying patient data, dissemination and the option of the HMSA being the 'patient partner'.
  • Priority booking on professional and patient combined training and education opportunities.
  • Opportunity to engage HMSA professional team for learning opportunities.
  • For professional members in either NHS or private practice there is the option of having your details on a contact list for the HMSA to use to inform patients of your services. (You will need to email to join this list as we recognise that not all our professional members will want to be on this list.)
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